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Synthetic grass, or artificial grass, is a great, low maintance alternative to traditional turf lawns

Wondergrass | Synthetic Grass Melbourne


Wondergrass looks real, feels great, and is the solution to water-wise and convenient landscape maintenance as there's no weeding, no mowing and most importantly no water required.

Water-wise Wondergrass: a gardener's choice

Wondergrass is emerging as one of the most popular garden design choices of late, a low-maintenance water-wise solution for home gardeners everywhere. It looks like real turf or lawn and feels great all year-round, and it's a convenient solution to hostile areas where the ground is too shady or dry.

This new generation of synthetic grass has been developed using today's most advanced technology. There is no mowing and no watering required and the artificial grass has excellent drainage. It can turn a drab area into a fab area, with very little maintenance required.

If you are in the market for a solution to a troublesome area in your garden where grass is dead or dying, this may be the alternative you're after. At Pave World, we offer four different variations that may suit your needs, depending on the nature of your landscape. We know what it takes to install and what it's like living with artificial grass. Interested? Continue reading below for some tips on taking care of Wondergrass.

Wondergrass care tips

Wondergrass is generally installed outdoors and is exposed to the elements, so to get the most out of your installation, a simple care plan is recommended. This will ensure longevity and keep your grass looking great for longer.

1. Remove debris

Firstly, we suggest regularly removing leaves, sticks, branches and other debris using a petrol leaf blower, plastic rake or stiff brush. Ensuring surrounding trees, bushes and hedges are regularly pruned will limit the amount of falling debris.

2. Spray for weeds

Secondly, spraying your synthetic grass for weeds twice a year, preferably in early spring and early autumn, will stop any airborne seeds from germinating or taking hold.

3. Clean if needed

Finally, Wondergrass is a self-cleaning product. However, washing it with a light detergent and mechanical brush or stiff brush is recommended if you believe it needs a refresh. Removing pet urine odours and mess may require the use of a specialist cleaner.

Need more information?

If you require any advice or you are interested in installing Wondergrass in your home, please give Pave World a call on 1300 796 753.

Visit one of our three Melbourne stores to see all the available options for synthetic grass

Are you tired of how your lawn looks? Have you had enough of that dead or dying grass that you just don't have time to take care of properly? If so, it may be time for you to look into other alternatives such as synthetic grass for your Melbourne home. It can be hard to commit to a new lawn when you don't know exactly how it will look. This is the exterior of your house, so even those that don't know you or come to visit you will be seeing this. It is one of the most outwardly visible aspects of your home and property. That is why at Pave World we make sure that you get to view the exact synthetic grass you might add to your lawn.

As a reseller, we ensure that we have all our products on display for you. That way you won't be at all surprised by the look of your new lawn once it has been installed. Wondergrass has become one of the most popular options for synthetic grass in the Melbourne area. We offer four different variations that may suit you, depending on the exact nature of the landscape you are trying to reshape. So if there is any chance you see yourself seeking out a synthetic grass option shortly, do not hesitate to stop by today so you can get a feel for what is out there in person instead of just relying on pictures online.

Pave World has three locations in Melbourne: Campbellfield, Mordialloc and Taylors Lakes. 

Have a lawn that looks good all year long with artificial grass

When looking for a new house, most people get very excited at the prospect of having a big yard or large plot of land. What they don't realise is that while their lawn may look fantastic for part of the year, there inevitably will be times when the plants rest for a season and it just won't be possible to have a sprawling lawn. During the seasons in which your garden is flourishing, you may not have taken into account how much work it is to maintain such a large plot of land. At Pave World, we have heard this all many times before. Thankfully, we have numerous options for artificial grass for Melbourne homes that may take some of that burden off your hands while leaving your lawn impervious to changing weather.

Learn more about synthetic turf

Fake or synthetic turf as an alternative to a traditional lawn may or may not have been something you have seriously considered before. But considering how much work an ordinary lawn takes to maintain, it may be well worth your time to pursue installing synthetic turf in your Melbourne property. The advantages are countless as it requires much less maintenance than real grass, looks good all year round, and allows you to choose the exact look of your home rather than just accepting the cards that nature dealt you. The problem is that many people know little to nothing about fake grass, what it looks like, how easy it is to install, or what it is like living with a lawn of synthetic turf on your Melbourne property.

This is why at Pave World we make sure that if you enter one of our three stores in the Melbourne area, you will not leave uninformed. We make sure to keep all four versions of Wondergrass on display so you can get a hands-on feel for what your new lawn will present. We also educate our customer service reps extensively so that you can have an informed consultation as you explore the options available in person. This ensures that our clients know exactly what they are getting by the time they commit to one of our products. We understand that your lawn is an essential part of the appearance of your house so knowing exactly what you are getting yourself into when you pursue your new synthetic turf lawn is of the utmost importance.

Understand fake grass before committing to a new lawn

Lawn maintenance is one of the least favourite parts of being a homeowner. That is why more and more people are turning to options for fake grass for their Melbourne homes. If you can relate to the pain of having to do some trimming at an inopportune moment or are just sick of watching your lawn die every winter, fake grass may be the solution you have always wanted but haven't considered. Not many people are knowledgeable about the various options for fake grass, what it takes to install, and what it is like living with a fake grass lawn. This is why at Pave World, we make sure that all of our customer service representatives are well-equipped to bring our potential clients up to speed on what is available on the market.

Since we offer four different kinds of fake grass that goes by the name of Wondergrass, we understand that most who enter one of our four stores in the Melbourne area are going to need a thorough rundown of what the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic grass are. We understand that changing the look of your lawn is a significant, long-term commitment. Therefore, it is vital to get it right. Our representatives do not take this lightly. We realise that your lawn is the most visible part of your home and it must be taken care of properly. With Pave World, you can rest assured that we will do all within our power to ensure you end up with the fake grass your Melbourne home needs.

The benefits of having a synthetic lawn in Melbourne

Do you want to enjoy the pleasant emerald green beauty of a lawn without having to worry about watering and other upkeep? If so, then you might be the perfect candidate for a synthetic lawn in Melbourne.

At Pave World, we offer installations of a synthetic turf called Wondergrass, not just for sporting fields, but also for residences and businesses. This type of turf, billed by Wondergrass Australia as "a new generation of synthetic grass," offers all of the traditional benefits of synthetic grass while also providing a soft and pleasant feel that is close to that of actual grass.

What are the advantages of having a synthetic lawn in Melbourne? Here are just a few of them:

  • No watering: Avoid waste and keep your water bill down. With a synthetic lawn, you won't have to worry about watering your grass, but will still enjoy a healthy green lawn.
  • No maintenance: In addition to watering, traditional lawns require weeding, mowing, seeding and other types of maintenance. A Wondergrass lawn requires zero maintenance, ever.
  • No optimal environment required: Lawns need environments with plenty of moisture and sunlight to grow. If your yard is too dry or too shaded to support grass, an artificial lawn is the best solution.

These are just a few of the clear benefits of opting for a synthetic lawn for your yard in Melbourne. If you are interested in learning more or installing a Wondergrass lawn on your property, call Pave World on 1300 796 753.

In need of artificial turf? Pave World connects consumers to the quality options they need

It's a series of chores. The lawn is cut, trimmed, and freed of pesky weeds - every blade made perfect and every inch maintained. For a moment your garden is immaculate. That moment quickly fades, however, and you're already dreading the days to come. They'll demand further effort and countless minutes, forcing you once more into a tedious pattern

Pave World suggests seeking an alternative. This is why we connect our customers to artificial turf in Melbourne, offering them ways to create spectacular outdoor spaces without the spectacular maintenance.

Artificial turf in Melbourne is an ideal option for those seeking simplicity. Its innovative design delivers supple textures and natural colouring - without the expected watering, weeding, or mowing. Every blade promises sustainability, pairing hard-wearing surfaces with precisely stitched piles. This allows each lawn to endure constant abuse from wild weather, ultra-violet rays, and even pets. This option adapts to every day.

No longer suffer from lost weekends and wasted hours. Enjoy the convenience of artificial turf instead, with a simple installation yielding massive rewards. Choose from our vast selection of products (including WonderGrass) and transform your garden into a true retreat.

Searching for artificial turf in Melbourne? Contact Pave World today

Our team will gladly offer advice on product selections, as well as provide a free on-site measurement to ensure an easy installation. Contact one of our three locations in Melbourne today:

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