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Fake or synthetic turf as an alternative to a traditional lawn may or may not have been something you have seriously considered before. But considering how much work an ordinary lawn takes to maintain, it may be well worth your time to pursue installing synthetic turf in your Melbourne property. The advantages are countless as it requires much less maintenance than real grass, looks good all year round, and allows you to choose the exact look of your home rather than just accepting the cards that nature dealt you. The problem is that many people know little to nothing about fake grass, what it looks like, how easy it is to install, or what it is like living with a lawn of synthetic turf on your Melbourne property.

This is why at Pave World we make sure that if you enter one of our four stores in the Melbourne area, you will not leave uninformed. We make sure to keep all four versions of Wondergrass on display so you can get a hands-on feel for what your new lawn will present. We also educate our customer service reps extensively so that you can have an informed consultation as you explore the options available in person. This ensures that our clients know exactly what they are getting by the time they commit to one of our products. We understand that your lawn is an essential part of the appearance of your house so knowing exactly what you are getting yourself into when you pursue your new synthetic turf lawn is of the utmost importance.

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