Enjoy the Benefits of Stacked Stone Retaining Walls: Use Pave World as Your Stack Stone Suppliers in Melbourne

Stacked stone retaining walls are a wonderful landscaping choice for numerous reasons. Not only do these carefully built walls look fantastic, but they also offer advantages that you would not get from a traditional mortared brick wall. At Pave World, we can help you to unlock these advantages by serving as your stack stone suppliers in Melbourne.

So what are the benefits of stacked stone retaining walls? The clearest advantage is the look. Mortared walls can look nice, but there's something about a stone wall built without mortar that is just a bit more striking for most landscaping needs. In stack stone walls, different stones are selected and laid out in an ornate, interlocking pattern. This method gives your wall a stunning mosaic aesthetic while also giving the wall the strength it needs to support itself.

Another major advantage of stack stone walls is that they allow water to flow freely between the gaps in the stone. Winter is often a problem for mortared walls because there isn't this free flowing design. As snow melts, water worms its way into small cracks or imperfections in the mortar. When the water re-freezes, it creates bigger and bigger cracks?gradually leading to major structural issues. As a result, stone and mortar walls are more likely to require repairs or complete replacements than stack stone retaining walls are.

Are you interested in using stack stone to build a retaining wall in your front yard or back garden? Call Pave World and learn how we can serve you as stack stone suppliers in Melbourne. You can reach us right now by dialling 1300 796 753.

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