How External Wall Cladding in Melbourne Can Help to Give Your Home Extra Beauty and Protection

Wall cladding is used most often to add a unique aesthetic touch to a home. While cladding is occasionally used for interior decoration, it is most frequently used outside of the house. The applications for this type of home improvement work run a wide range, from making garden retaining walls and water features look more impressive to covering the entire exterior of the home.

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Our extensive range of retaining walls and garden edging can transform your outdoor space, creating beautiful garden beds, terrace and retaining walls so you can make the most of the space provided.
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Synthetic grass, or artificial grass, is a great, low maintance alternative to traditional turf lawns. Our extensive range can suit garden areas of many sizes.
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However, while wall cladding is typically a decorative investment, it can also work to protect your home from the elements. Think about the exterior of your home. Are the walls built of wood? Brick? Rock? Many homes are susceptible to the elements because they don't have the requisite levels of exterior shielding. Wood walls can rot when battered by rain. Traditional home siding can be battered, dented or ripped from your walls by a storm. Brickwork can fret and fall apart over years of freeze-and-thaw cycles.

By investing in external wall cladding in Melbourne, you can give your home an external shield that holds up better against the elements. At Pave World, our cladding materials are strong, durable, waterproof and capable of withstanding the elements for the long haul. As Australia's top wall cladding supplier, we carry more than 10 different styles of cladding and more than 20 different colours available in natural stone styles, and plenty of options available in other materials as well.

Are you interested in seeing some of the external wall cladding options Pave World can offer for your Melbourne home? Call us on 1300 796 753 to enquire.

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